How to sell your Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

It happened.  Bitcoin forked.  There are now two Bitcoins: Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Hopefully, you took your Bitcoin off the exchanges before the split and took control of your private keys.  If you did, you now own both and can decide what, if anything, you want to do your Bitcoin Cash.

This post shows you how to split your hodling in two using a simple, free wallet app, and how to then trade your BCH for BTC, or fiat, if you prefer. Continue reading “How to sell your Bitcoin Cash (BCH)”

How to move your Bitcoin off exchanges like Coinbase and why you definitely should

The most common question I’m asked at the moment seems to be about taking Bitcoin investments off exchanges such as Coinbase and server-based wallets such as How to do this is very simple, and this post will give you a step-by-step guide. Why you should do this is also simple, but can very quickly get you into a complex discussion and you’ve probably not got time to go into that much detail, so I’ll give you the why in terms of what you need to know. Continue reading “How to move your Bitcoin off exchanges like Coinbase and why you definitely should”

How to gift bitcoin using paper wallets

I have precisely six nieces and two nephews.  I’m pretty good at buying presents for them but this year I’ve been travelling a lot – and they’re also getting too old for me to know what they’d like. So this year, they’re all getting bitcoin.

I have been thinking about how best to do this.  Most of them are too young to have smartphones.  Entrusting their parents kind of ruins it.  The answer is, of course, paper wallets.  This is fairly simple to do, when you know how, and is a good way of getting to understand the security issues of all of the various ways of storing your bitcoin. Continue reading “How to gift bitcoin using paper wallets”

What is the best bitcoin wallet for iOS?

When I gave my first Intro to Bitcoin talk at Dojo Bali, I tried to lure people by saying I’d be giving out massive prizes of 100,000 satoshi and that people needed to download a wallet to their phone to be in with a chance of winning.

Come the day of the talk, only one person had installed a wallet.  When I asked why, it wasn’t because they’d discovered that the prize was actually worth less than a pound, it was something like ‘I started researching wallets but it wasn’t clear which one was best.  So I didn’t install any’. Continue reading “What is the best bitcoin wallet for iOS?”

Boring old Bitcoin (and why you should buy some)

What do you know about Bitcoin? If you’re a bit confused by the coverage by the mainstream media, you’re not alone. Bitcoin only makes the news when there’s a new story: an all-time high, a high-profile scandal, someone new claiming to be the cryptocurrency’s creator.

All this detracts from a far more interesting story that’s just ticking away in the background. Following the news, you’d think that Bitcoin was volatile, illicit, risky, unstable, corrupt, or if you follow the really dumb media, dead. (It’s been declared dead a total of 126 times at time of writing.) Continue reading “Boring old Bitcoin (and why you should buy some)”